Attention Partners: Bevo Media is all set to announce major updates to its platform over the next week!

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The Bevo Media Exchange features two innovative marketing platforms: the Bevo Ad Exchange and the Bevo Affiliate Portal.

Bevo Media Ad Exchange

The Bevo Ad Exchange is the first ad buying platform that allows advertisers to buy both affiliate traffic and display traffic on one platform. As an advertiser, you have the ability to bid on individual affiliates as a traffic source, and have your product rotate into each affiliate's campaign instantly. From the same interface, you can also buy conventional display, popup and intext traffic from thousands of high-traffic websites.

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Bevo Media Ad Exchange

The Bevo Affiliate Portal is both a free click-tracking platform and a next generation affiliate network that allows you to auction your affiliate traffic in real time. The integrated, feature-rich tracking platform enables you to accurately track and optimize all performance metrics of your marketing campaigns. Additionally, you can opt-in to include your campaigns into the Affiliate Exchange and get paid per click for your traffic.

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The Bevo Media headquarters are located in 5201 Great America Pkwy., Suite 320, Santa Clara, California, 95054, Bevo Media has grown into a multi-platform company that has created a more transparent marketplace to buy and sell performance based traffic.